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It seems incredible to me that my life is based on a true story.....Here is my introduction on how to get you interested in looking at my surreal art.....this is a gallery of some of my Surreal work and links to my art in motion videos on youtube, (Miles Walker Artist, Painter). I have produced the Art Book Series, there are ten books on Amazon containing 2000 plus paintings and drawings all of my original work. If my sister had started painting thirty years ago instead of going to work, her skin would be gold like Gauguin! I had those amazing long four years at art school, my mother told me I was a visual terrorist, well my mother is now dead.....Luv u mom! Melville Haysom an incredible craftsman who taught me to be a painter, and with Roy Churcher, Frank Rowland I maybe, even became an artist. Haysom gave me the most important compliment of my artistic life when he said at the end of my tuition “that my pictures would be best exhibited in toilets around the world”. When honoured with that encouraging statement I decided to find out where those toilets where, I would search the world to find were Dali and Picasso peed. I left Brisbane School of Art, central technical college and worked for entrepreneur Lester Padman and my inspirational mentor Barry Deans. On my arrival in Paris I found out what an influential art school the Ecole des Beaux-Arts was and it has some of the best toilets in France! George Virine from the “beauzzar” taught me sculpture and gave me 3D art in my life. I have spent a life time in advertising, and marketing as a communication designer making money from ideas and art!  What are your plans over the next forty years? 

Miles Walker Vancouver flea market
email   604.926.4161
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