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Modern Surreal Artist, see many more of his paintings and drawings on YouTube

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Email:      604.926.4161

I am not always here.....Some times I am there, My mind not only wonders; sometimes it leaves completely. So I will usually respond to emails in a few days and as you may know time is on my side, sometimes!

     Miles Walker born in the West Country, his father from Cornwall. As a child, loved art. Now living in Vancouver Canada; writing, teaching, painting and embracing technology using photoshop and painter. Miles studied at Brisbane Central Technical College Art School, four exciting years, mentored by Churcher, Haysom, Rowlands and John Rigby. Moving to London there was so much enthusiasm for pop art, cinema, philosophy, poetry, science fiction and the new future. He developed new skills in airbrush and oils over this decade culminating in a Major Exhibition of drawings, paintings and film called "Centuri Maya Nexus" at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. Paying homage to Salvador Dali when he was alive, visiting his house a number of times has influenced his painting, resulting in eccentric hyperrealistic surreal art. Miles is still trying to understand the meaning of life.

YouTube: Miles Walker Artist, Painter.     Plus 20 other videos on his paintings
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