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Look through this Modern Surrealist art gallery. His inner voyage draws on the dominant hemisphere of the left brain discovering visual fields made up of patterns, fractals, space and psychedelic colour. In his dream wake state Miles Walker’'s drawing and painting are influenced by Sagan, Carlin, Minsky and Mandelbrot.  His bizarre Hyperrealism goes beyond both photos and realism, his airbrush paintings are mentored by Dali, Ernst, Tanguy, Man Ray, Kurzweil, Ralston Saul and Monty Python.....Resulting in an eccentric new look at the ordinary in everyday life. Miles Walker’'s paintings are described as “Doctor Strangeart seeing the philosophers stone at the end of Douglas Adam’s universe.” Look at this Unique New Surreal Art.

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           "Each person is a witness to the world they are in,
            and the responsibility as a painter is to respond
            to this richness in some way."
Roy Churcher

   1963 Brisbane Art School @ Central Technical Collage, Queensland, Australia

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